Sunday, March 1, 2009

Freebies by Mail

I usually get some freebies in the really makes getting the mail exciting! I didn't get much last week, but here's what came.

Sample box of Total Cranberry Crunch. Get your sample here. Came with a $.75 coupon...very valuable. Will double to $1.50 at stores. Yay!

Aveeno night firming cream with a $1.50 off coupon. I'm not sure where that came from.

Quaker True Delights ~ Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond granola bar with a $1.00 coupon. Get your sample here.

I don't typically enter sweepstakes, but a few weeks ago, Kraft was holding one where the chances seemed pretty good, and the prize was worth it. You could try to win 4x a day... and I finally won! I got 3 coupons for FREE items! Any Nabisco cracker product (up to $4.49) ~ FREE; any Kraft, Cracker Barrel, or Polly-O cheese (up to $3.99) ~ FREE; any Planters snack product (up to $5.00) ~ FREE!

If you're a freebie junkie like me and want your mailbox to be surprise central, also offers great freebies, trials, & samples! Click here to sign up for yours!

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