Monday, January 30, 2012

Say What?!

This stage in Alex's life is fun {mostly}. He's starting to use more words and definitely understands us more. It actually amazes me how he can have such a limited vocabulary, but we can speak full adult sentences to him and he knows exactly what we mean. "Alex, go throw this in the trash". "Alex, please bring Mommy the wipes". "Alex, take a bite of your sandwich." "Alex, please come close this door."

He hasn't, however, quite mastered the art of putting together simple words, unless he learned them together such as, "See you!" "more please" or "bye-bye". If we ask him to say "I love you, Mama!" it comes out more like "Ma maaaa, Mama!" This morning, he did actually say "bye, Dada" so I think he's getting there.

He does say quite a lot of words fairly well: apple, Angus, Roxie, shoes, socks, horse, cat, dog, hair, nose, eye, HI! {to everybody!!}, tree, cup, juice, cow {loves cows....he may have been a little brainwashed}, Elmo, please, thank you, excuse me, hammer, truck, Papa, Mimi, fish, bird, duck, NO NO NO NO NO!!! etc.

Like every kid {I'm sure} there are some words he doesn't really say, but I know what he means. Such as:

pie-yo = potty
ah woffwaffle
I yi yi yi yi yi yi = Levi 
awe noos = orange
uh fow wow = pacifier
my nuh = bunny  {not to be confused with...}
my NO = Nemo
deet or ah-deet = blanket
kay tay = Kierstyn {his betrothed}

Since I spend all day conversing with the child, I find myself having to interpret for Aaron. I guess Alex has taught us a thing or two, since we both now call the youngest child I yi yi yi yi yi on a regular basis. I may have even asked Aaron not to hog the deet a couple of times. Totally normal, right?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Survivor Man

Alex hasn't had a haircut since {I think} right after Levi was born about 4 months ago. He was starting to look a little...interesting.

Ok, maybe "deranged" would be a better word-choice.

He sat really well through the whole ordeal, thanks to his Mimi. I used a 3/8" blade on the bottom half and scissored the top, just like I do Aaron's. In hindsight, I can probably just buzz the whole thing next time.

Now we can send him to military school. Or get him a BB gun for his 2nd birthday. Or send him into the woods to test his survival skills.

He could totally give Bear Grylls a run for his money. Even his hair isn't this short.

Or maybe I'll just let him be my little boy for a bit longer. At least until he's 3.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Things are moving way too fast

Last night we hit another milestone in Alex's little life. Two milestones, actually! For the first time, Alex slept in his big boy bed {which just so happens to be my first bed growing up which was bought for me by my great-grandparents!} and in his new room!

Aaron built a side rail and a rail for the foot of the bed out of 2x4's. He will sand them down and I'll paint them so they look a little better. No toddler bed for this kid...he's lucky he got bedrails!!

Surprisingly, Alex did not try to get out of bed. And he certainly can...we watched him crawl in and out several times before it was time to actually sleep. The most trouble he gave us was turning on/off the light switch located on the wall at the foot of the bed. Which, obviously, we didn't plan out very well when arranging the bed this way. But overall he did pretty good. We told him a few times to stop playing with the light and eventually he did.

Using a pillow and real blanket will take some getting used to as well. I checked on him before I went to bed...

So I tucked everyone back in. At least Bear looks happy.

Aaron is still working on remodeling the hall & stairwell upstairs {we're almost done!}, but I've been chomping at the bit to get the boys new rooms in order. During the hall project, Alex's new room has been housing all Aaron's tools, so it would obviously be a bad idea to allow Alex to be in there, unsupervised, with drills, hammers, sandpaper, floor nailer's, wood glue etc. You get the picture. On second thought, knowing Alex we'd probably wake up one morning and everything would be finished!

Anyway, I suggested to Aaron that we could move the tools into the nursery and that would enable us to put Alex in his new room..{and I could start decorating it!} What I didn't properly think through when deciding to move him over was that it would actually create a vacancy in the crib... meaning Levi could move in. Which was, of course, inevitable; however when it came time to put Levi to bed, I had a really hard time putting him into the nursery..he looked so small!

I must have asked Aaron a dozen times, "you think he's okay?" "is the monitor loud enough?" "do you think he feels unsafe?!" "Things are moving too quickly!" "I'm sad the cradle is empty!" The child was directly across the hall, for crying out loud. Instead of telling me to get a grip, you know what the man says? "Guess you'll just have to have another one."

Of course, that's totally logical.

{speaking of things moving way to fast!!!}

Why hadn't I already thought of that!?