Friday, January 20, 2012

Survivor Man

Alex hasn't had a haircut since {I think} right after Levi was born about 4 months ago. He was starting to look a little...interesting.

Ok, maybe "deranged" would be a better word-choice.

He sat really well through the whole ordeal, thanks to his Mimi. I used a 3/8" blade on the bottom half and scissored the top, just like I do Aaron's. In hindsight, I can probably just buzz the whole thing next time.

Now we can send him to military school. Or get him a BB gun for his 2nd birthday. Or send him into the woods to test his survival skills.

He could totally give Bear Grylls a run for his money. Even his hair isn't this short.

Or maybe I'll just let him be my little boy for a bit longer. At least until he's 3.


  1. Oh wow! He just grew up in a matter of minutes! He's one handsome little man! I just trimmed Asher's hair for the first time today - it made me a little sentimental, but he looks much better. =)

  2. Sue, You crack me up! He is such a cutie. Our grand boy Jaden is just a few months older than Alex and he STILL hasn't had a haircut. Ashley and I tried once, but I only got one little clip and he FREAKED out...actually this was the second try...the first one was at a salon...ya as if! I think he's just destined to be a long haired hippie freak!

  3. Ha ha ha! He's adorable!!