Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Experiment

It's probably no secret by now, but I love freebies. Getting the mail is usually pretty exciting for me, because a lot of times there will be nice "surprises" waiting for me. Some things I do remember requesting through various promotions {like Burt's Bees lotion, or Kashi cereal samples} and sometimes I can't remember requesting it and figure I must be on some sort of mailing list. Every month, I even receive magazines for Baby Talk, Parenting, Parents, Rachel Ray, Southern Living, Woman's Day, Traditional Home, and Kiwi...all of which are free. "Free" as in, I've paid nothing for the subscriptions.

A couple of years ago, I emailed some brands or companies asking them to send me coupons for their products. And surprisingly enough, many of them did! Some of the coupons were even for free products! Like Sweet Baby Rays' BBQ Sauce. Now who doesn't like Sweet Baby Ray's!?  I had actually been considering doing this again when my girlfriend told me that she had emailed a company recently and 3 days later she had coupons in her mailbox! So, that was that. I decided that when I got back from Buffalo, I was going to send out emails and get some more freebies and/or coupons.

Sending an email to a company can take as little, or as much time as you want it to. I would say from start to finish, it usually takes me about 2 minutes. That includes filling out the contact form and writing my little message/feedback. If I've tried their brand, I will most likely tell them what my favorite product is. If I haven't tried the brand, I will say I haven't, but that I'd really like to! Ultimately, I always ask for free coupons, samples, or a couple of times, {like to Nature's Path} I've told them that I L.O.V.E. their pumpkin granola and could they please send a large box full of free samples. :) For some products, I've actually mentioned that "my 10 month old son" is starting to eat normal foods and it's important to me to be able to provide him with organic, wholesome products. Yeah...I played the baby card. We'll see if it makes any difference. :)

Most of the time, all that's required is to find the "Contact Us" link on the brand website. Sometimes there is not a form to fill out, just an email for Customer Service. In those instances, I just copy the email address and past into Gmail.

Last time I did this, I did not keep track of what brands I emailed or if I received any responses. This time, however, I will be keeping track of the date I emailed, any responses I received, and what, if anything, they sent me. Also, the majority of my requests are focused on organic or all-natural brands.  As I think of new brands, I will send an email and add them to my list. Some of the brands do offer periodic coupons on their websites, but I figured it couldn't hurt to see what else they might have to offer.

I suggest going through your pantry, cupboards, and bathroom and see what brands you use a lot of and start with those. Also, think of any brands that you've seen that maybe you'd like to try, but haven't for whatever reason. Maybe you're afraid you won't like it, or it's too expensive. Email those companies as well. Remember, even a $.50 cent coupon could be very valuable if your store doubles coupons! {$.75 cents are my favorite.}

So, without further ado, here are the brands that I've emailed since yesterday and any responses I've received. I'll keep updating as things {hopefully} start rolling in. 

Annies Naturals

Back to Nature

Bear Naked

Boar's Head - no email, so I had to call. They do not offer coupons, but instead give discounts to the distributors so that the stores can put the product on sale. She gave me the number to my local distributor and said he would be able to tell me what stores participate in the discounts and when they put the product on sale. A++ for the customer service! 

Brown Cow

Burt's Bees

Cascadian Farms

Celestial Seasonings

Earthbound Farm - four days later I had coupons in my mailbox. {4} $1 off any item coupons, {1} $.75 cents of any item, and {2} free item coupons!

Eden Organics

Green Mountain Gringo - replied to me early the next morning. Said they don't have "free item" coupons, but will send me what coupons they have.

Happy Baby - replied next day telling me they're glad I like their product and they'll sign me up for their quarterly newsletter which contains coupons. {Booo....!}

Muir Glen

Nancy's Organics

Nature's Path

SC Johnson {re: Glade soy candles}

Sweet Baby Ray's

Tazo Tea

Yogi Tea 

Have you ever emailed companies for coupons? Any you would suggest? Do you enjoy getting freebies? What kinds do you receive? Check out the $39 Dollar Experiment here. It's interesting and funny and might give you an idea of what companies to "target".

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