Thursday, January 1, 2009

Off and Running

Happy New Year!! Well, today I started to put into practice my 2009 goal of assigning specific tasks to certain days. I decided to try out the aforementioned schedule, meaning today was "plan grocery shopping and weekly menu" day. The grocery circulars usually come today, but because of the holiday there was no mail, so I decided to try and view the flyers online. Well, I generally go to 3 different grocery stores, depending who has what on sale, and lo and behold, each of those stores not only has the online circular, but I could click an item in the "flyer", add it to a "shopping list", and print out the list when I was finished!! It was amazing!!! So now I have 3 lists, nicely separated and easy to read, to bring with me when I go tomorrow. I think I have stumbled onto a good thing.

Today I tried to start with planning meals and then figure out the grocery list. I wasn't very successful. I'm not accustomed to planning out a weekly meal schedule at all, so I think that this will take some practice. So, I kind of have a make-shift schedule thought out, which I hope to solidify over the weekend. Any helfpful tips are always appreciated!

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  1. Also, I live in PA and shop at Martins/Giant. They sometimes have coupons on their website. I recently started going online, too, and making out a grocery list. Another tip, I make a mark or highlight the items I have coupons for so I don't forget to use them!