Thursday, January 15, 2009

CVS Today

I robbed CVS again today! START THE CAR!!! :o) I got 3 more boxes of crackers and 2 boxes of Absolutely Divine cookies for FREE (after coupons!) & got $3 ecb's back!! I'm going back tomorrow for more, I think. I need to get some more of the 6-pack water...apparently a shipment comes in tomorrow. The boxes of Absolutely Divine cookies are on sale 2/$5 and I have 2 more $1/1 coupons (I had 2 I used earlier, too), so that makes it $3 and I'll use another $3 CVS coupon making those free! This has been a great week to get my ecb stash back up...for free!

Forgot to tell a little story from yesterday. When I went to the one CVS to get my water, the girl at the counter was trying to convince me to take a cart. I'm like "Nooooo. I'm fine!" It's only 2 6-packs of water, you know. So, yeah. I was walked out, made it halfway across the parking lot, and totally ate dirt!! :o) Serves me really hurt (went face first onto my knee), but I have to admit, it's kind of funny.

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  1. I love CVS too and all those great freebies (when I'm in the States!)

    Thank you for your thoughts that you left on my blog the other day. May God continue to guide you on your quest of being a P-31 woman. I'm on the same quest!