Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Birthday Party ~ What Not to Do

Yesterday Alex turned two {*sniffles*} and we had such a fun day. However, in hindsight there might have been several things I would have done a little differently. As such, the day may have been more appropriately named "Alex's Redneck Birthday".

For example.

#1) Don't forget to buy birthday wrapping paper. Otherwise, everything will get wrapped in tissue paper.

{You're probably dying to know how I made that #2 out of a streamer. Maybe I should add it to my Pinterest board.}

#2) Apparently TWO is kind of a big deal and deserves birthday candles. Who knew. In a pinch, you can always use "Homemade Walnut Candles" and a blowtorch.

Maybe I'll post a DIY tutorial for the "walnut candles" and add that to Pinterest too. Or I can just do it now.

Step 1: Stare at your wife in disbelief for a few minutes and repeatedly ask "really!? You don't have birthday candles?!"
Step 2: Ask for toothpicks
Step 3: Repeat Step 1
Step 4: In true problem-solver fashion, go to the garage and find a piece of leftover walnut
Step 5: Break off 2 splinters {aka: "candles"}
Step 6: Grab the blowtorch on the way back into the house

#3) Giving your child copious amounts of sugar in a 6 hour time frame will not result in a nap until 4pm.

Like Birthday Cake donuts from Starbucks...


and Twizzlers. {no photo op for this one}

...and chocolate milk

...and ketchup

...and ice cream sundaes.

And to top it all off, make sure you give him some Mega Blocks that you bought from a consignment sale for $3.50 on half price day. And don't you dare sanitize them.

 Happy Birthday, Alex! Because of you, Levi is going to have the best.birthday.ever.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot stop laughing!! You are the BEST! Life will never be dull with you girl! So thankful for you, your creative husband, & your marvelous sons! xoxoxoxoxo
    ~Mom (aka Mimi)

  2. Sue this made me laugh. Well lets just say I'm basically crying over here...don't you love how much fun being a mom is ?! Happy birthday Alex!!

  3. I'm so proud of you for not sanitizing the new toys! :) Happy Birthday Alex!!!